The Journey of Gambling and the Way It Unfolded

The Journey of Gambling and the Way It Unfolded

Gambling appeared in the early stages of human development. Roulette, blackjack, bingo and slot machines – this is an incomplete list of the most exciting gambling games, about the history and features of which will be our material.

A brief excursion into the history of the most popular gambling

Excitement is an integral part of human nature. Gambling in one form or another existed during the Paleolithic period. At that time, people did not even know how to write, but they already invented simplified analogues of gambling. With the sabung ayam the options come perfect now.

The very first hexagon cube was created around 3000 BC. e. in Mesopotamia.

  • The first gambling houses were built in China about 1000 years before the advent of our era. Even then, there was a variety of gambling, including mass events, in which bets were made on the outcome of fights between animals.
  • In the 10th century AD, dominoes and lotto appeared in China. Historians claim that gambling appeared in Japan in the 14th century. Perhaps, even before this, there was a betting in Japan, however, no records of this were preserved.
  • It is known that the economic crisis always carries with it such consequences as lowering wages, increasing competition in the labor market, increasing the unemployment rate, some people live on occasional earnings.

The Natural Need for You

The Journey of Gambling and the Way It Unfolded

The natural need of the population at such times is to cut costs and increase incomes. But, despite this, the number of bookmakers doubles and more lottery tickets are bought up than usual.

In America back in the 1960s, during the “Great Depression”, such a statement was born, which later became a saying that during the economic crisis, the popularity of gambling, alcohol consumption and crime increased sharply.

It would seem, experiencing financial difficulties, the population, on the contrary, will save on everything, and even more so, very few people can afford such entertainment as casinos and gambling. What is the reason for such a pattern and how to explain it?